Thursday, June 30, 2011


Can you imagine anything more pleasurable on a tropically-humid 97-degree day than cleaning manure out of a barn?  That's the kind of day it was today and we mucked the loafing shed, although it was still morning and had only reached about 85 degrees then.

The cows have been spending more time than they should inside the shed, thanks to all the rain we have had and now to avoid flies.  The bedding was saturated and I really needed help to clean it all out - my back  can only shovel poop for a short while and I was losing ground.

Happily, Bethany and Brendan were up for the task.  They even finished up the job after I ended (I encouraged them to stop!)  and went on to finish trellising the tomatoes. We were all very grimy and drenched in sweat after this job. But those two seem to relish the less glamorous aspects of farming as much as the more genteel bread-baking and cheese-making tasks.

I worried about the livestock in this heat all day, even putting the sprinkler on for the cows this afternoon, but they did not elect to run through it. Tonight when the chickens went into the coop they were panting heavily, so I put a box fan on inside. I hauled the broody hen who never comes out of the nesting bucket out and made her drink a sip of water, but she would not eat anything and went straight back to her nest (which has no eggs because we collect them every day.)  It's got to be so hot in that bucket!

Tomorrow is forecast to be another wilting day... a lovely day for baking 52 loaves of bread in a wood-fired oven!


katiegirl said...

They elected not to run through the sprinkler...LOL. That gave me such a funny mental picture. I also have a broody hen that won't stop being broody, and I take all the eggs. I have heard you can dunk them in cold water to "break" them. I think I'll try that.

Those interns are awesome!

Mama Pea said...

Last night when hubby and I crawled into bed, we decided we were a little chilly so he got up and threw the extra quilt over us.

I know you can grow corn and tomatoes and we can't, but when I read of your heat and humidity I'm kinda glad we live in the frozen forests of NE Minnesota!

Susan said...

Sounds lovely, Mama Pea--last night was too hot for pajamas or a sheet, let alone a quilt. Today is predicted to be 100 actual degrees with high humidity for a possible heat index of 115degrees. Can't wait for the promised temperate weekend.
The tomatoes do seem happy, though.

madpotter1 said...

We didn't reach 100 here in Northern Ohio but it was a scorcher! Spent the day moving a brick patio in full sun...... what was I thinking! Drenched in sweat is under statement...... MOOOO-ve over cows I would have beat you to the sprinkler! For me just a head soaker, run to the hose and soak your head, back to the work :)
Just cloudy today, boy sure do need the rain here!

Love the blog!!