Friday, June 3, 2011

A Hard Day's Work

It's a few minutes to 11 p.m. as I write this and we are all still working - and have been since 7 a.m.  The day was very hot and muggy - as it usually seems to be on baking day. We have been very sweaty and guzzled gallons of water, but we have accomplished so much.

Rog hung the Squash Blossom  sign on the barn. It looks fabulous!
Bethany and Brendan harvested  nettles and wild parsnips to sell at the Farmers Market, as well as various domesticated herbs.  Bethany made supper tonight, including a really delicious nettle dish she invented, so when people ask how they taste she can tell them.  I had warned them that nettles and wild parsnips might be kind of a challenging sell, so they also created cards with Bethany's recipe to give with the nettles (recipe posted below!)
I drove up to the cities today to pick up a flower order for the farm store, many of which will be displayed for sale in the flower cart.  The little car was absolutely jam packed with flowers - a lovely way to travel. When I got home I cleaned out the weedy flower bed in front of the granary,  planted a bunch of flowers and mulched. It's not quite done, but presentable.
While Rog was at work this morning, Bethany and Brendan tended the fire in the clay oven, building the oven temp up to 700F. All afternoon and evening, the three of them have been baking four varieties of sourdough bread.   They also practiced setting up our vendor booth and packed the car with everything we need for market.
Whew- the last batch of bread is now done- and it's not even midnight yet!  Great timing. We are all off to bed--5 a.m. will be here before we know it!

Bethany's Nettle-Asparagus Salad

-A splash of olive oil
-Half a medium-sized onion diced roughly
-1 handful asparagus, cut into 1 inch pieces
-1 bunch of Squash Blossom Farm chives, cut small
-1 bag of Squash Blossom Farm wild nettles
-A splash of balsamic vinegar
-Salt and Pepper to taste

 Heat the olive-oil in a medium sized skillet, and set the onions to sauté while you cut the other ingredients.  When the onions are soft, add the asparagus and sauté approx. 5 minutes.  Add the chives, nettles, and vinegar and cook, stirring often, until nettles are limp.  The heat will take out the sting (promise!).  Season to taste.  


Becky said...

What a lot to get accomplished! The sign looks wonderful on the barn! Look at all of that amazing bread! I love the playful spirit Bethany and Brendan seem to have. Hard work is so much easier when you can have fun while you're doing it. :) Good luck at the market today!

Allison at Novice Life said...

How exciting! Your sign looks GREAT!

The Luddite said...

thanks for the recipe! would never have had a clue how to work with nettles. will give this a try if I find any at our Co-op.

bread looks great too!

Mama Pea said...

You sure seem to have lucked out with your two interns! But then good people attract good people! :o} Everything around your place is looking so attractive. You must be feeling very good with all you've accomplished. Each of your photos is a joy to behold.

katiegirl said...

The sign is wonderful! I love the bright colors against the red. Bethany and Brendan did a great job with the bread. I hope you had a good market!

Susan said...

Our first market was a great success. Not only sold out of bread, but also sold all the nettles and wild parsnips! Those two are irresistibly charming.