Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bovines in the Back Yard

We practice a loose form of rotational grazing at Squash Blossom Farm. We don't have a lot of pastureland, but we also graze the large front and back yards. It greatly reduces mowing, makes me appreciate (rather than rue) the diversity of grasses and weeds, and I think the cows like to explore new lands now and then.

Last night Rog strung the electric wire around the back yard and this morning after milking, I  hooked up the fencer and moved the cows in. The moms immediately dived into grazing the new buffet.
The confused calves had to be herded through the loafing shed into the yard. 
Lariat savored the fresh, tall grass.
Jitterbug romped and
Lindyhop raced around the yard,

and Lindy played butt-head with the tire swing.


Creations by Dina said...

I guess kids aren't the only ones who enjoy a good old tire swing!!!
Too Cute!!

gz said...