Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Few Farms Along the Way

I finally  found a supplier of non-gmo grain in Elba, about 30 miles away.  Today I went there to get a load of feed for the hens and grain for LaFonda while I milk her. On the return I thought I would take a short cut.  Being significantly directionally challenged, I got a bit lost, naturally. But I eventually found my way home and got to see some new farms on the way.

I absolutely love the  cow art on this farm's buildings.
That is one tall silo.
Iconic big red barn with black and white cows.
A doe and fawn ran across the road into a field. (They sure run a lot faster than cows!)
I want a wire corn crib with a metal roof on our farm!
This barn would make a nice studio.

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gz said...

it isn't getting lost, it is called exploring new places!