Monday, June 20, 2011

Rotten Scodger

We had a blast from the past last weekend when our friend Scott showed up for a visit.  Way back in about 1980, Scott and Rog were a singing duo, "Chocolate and Waterman."
We had a great time catching up
and talking music and farms. Rog and Scott made some wood-fired pizzas for dinner
followed by jamming late into the night with a little bonfire on the patio.
It was great fun to hear Rotten Scodger (as we often referred to Scott and Roger) singing and playing guitar together again
and dredging up some of the old songs they probably haven't even thought about in 25 years.


Scott said...
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Scott said...

Thank you (and Rog) for your warm hospitality Sue; Squashblossom Farm is a wonderful place, and it was great to spend some time with y'all there. And if Rog & I ever need to come up with a shared stage name again, I think Rotten Scodger would be a fine option!