Thursday, June 2, 2011

We Measure Up

Today we were visited by Investigators from the Department of Weights and Measures.  I was a bit worried when the two fellows introduced themselves as investigators -what had we done?! - but it was a routine check of the accuracy of our digital scale.  I purchased it last January and totally forgot that I was supposed to expect them to show up and check it sometime.

The investigators conducted several tests of accuracy, checking both as weight was increased and decreased.  Our scale was spot-on at every reading. This scale is rated for up to 30 pounds, so they put 30 pounds of weight on and then added incremental weights until it read "overload." Once again it passed the test with flying colors.
The inspectors affixed a seal  to the bottom of the scale that indicates it has been calibrated properly and that will reveal any tampering. They also  attached a sticker to the side of the scale that will provide assurance to our customers that the scale reads accurately and honestly. Not that a customer will ever see the sticker;  since I no longer sell sprouts, we primarily use this scale to measure ingredients in breadmaking.

They were very friendly guys who typically investigate much bigger operations  than our tiny farm stand!  But they promised to return in three years, as required.


The Luddite said...

okay - processing simultaneous feelings of "fight-the-machine" vs lefty-Nader-consumer-rights-ism-ness....mess..i..ness....

oh, whatever. glad you got the necessary stickers, apparently necessary in order to do the great stuff you do!

Seven Gates Farm said...

Congrats on passing. That is so interesting. I don't sell stuff like that and didn't know inspectors come by and check your scales, but it makes sense. I bet it was a little nervey seeing them drive up though. Have a good weekend. Debi

Susan said...

You are funny, Luddite.
I am not sure if it a test you have to pass so much as they set the scales' calibration for accuracy. But it is a bit unnerving that they call themselves "investigators."