Monday, June 20, 2011

Early Market Morning

Saturday morning at 6:15 a.m. when Rog and Bethany left for the Farmer's Market, I was up too, staying home to milk the cow and mind the farm store. It was still too early to do those things, so I took a few photos.
The sun hadn't yet risen, but the eastern sky had a glowing band of light at the horizon.
Gourdita the Scarecrow (Bethany named her that because she is a gourd- head) always smiles at the morning.  She has a new outfit this summer - Calvin Klein designer overalls form the thrift store.
Her job is to guard the ripening strawberries
and the gooseberries.
The cows were already intently grazing on the hill.  Only Lindy paid any attention to me, curious about the camera.  He is growing so fast into a handsome little steer!


gz said...

just pale grey cloud cover here

nancybond said...

Your beautiful farm looks so...pastural and peaceful. :) Love it, and glad it's doing so well.