Thursday, June 16, 2011

Full Moon Baking

It was a hard-working, productive day: Bethany and I worked in the garden, trellising the peas and fencing the the raspberries behind wire. We took a noon break and went to the Thursday street market for lunch, then came home and got back to work. After supper, the really serious work got underway in the barn.
Rog and Bethany kneaded the four types of sourdough that have been fed and rising since yesterday, and formed loaves to bake tomorrow for the Farmers Market.
Kneading so much dough builds strong muscles.
The loaves are wrapped in floured cloths inside baskets to proof overnight.
Rog also started a fire in the  clay oven to preheat it overnight.
While Rog and Bethany prepared bread dough, I mowed the lawn, fed the chickens and milked the cow.  Then we all caught the gorgeous orange moonrise on the horizon, one day past full.
You can't see them in the photo, but fireflies were putting on a light show  as the moon rose, flickering in the pasture and garden.
Is any time so precious as a warm summer night in June in Minnesota?


gz said...

A lovely productive evening..AND you saw the lunar eclipse!

Allison at Novice Life said...

Just beautiful!

katiegirl said...

I love seeing the photos of the bread process. You've got a really great set up! And the moon is gorgeous. I love summer nights!