Thursday, June 2, 2011

Introducing: New Characters on the Farm

Our summer interns arrived last night - Brendan and Bethany, freshly graduated form Gustavus Adolphus College.

Brendan and Bethany will be  informally apprenticing with Rog to learn how to bake wood-fired sourdough bread, will  tackle some serious veggie gardening, and help us with the Farmers Market.

Rog wasted no time; after supper last night he taught them  how to make the sponge for the  bread. This morning, the interns were cleaning out the Summer Kitchen, in preparation for a marathon baking session, when Bethany heard an unfamiliar peeping sound. She followed the sound and discovered  9 newly-hatched chicks in the central space of the barn. The chicks had  fallen into the openings of a concrete block and couldn't get out. We did a chick rescue, reuniting the babies with their distraught mom, who, despite having already hatched 16 chicks, is still sitting on a few more eggs.
This is the first of the 2011 chicks, with undoubtedly many more to come.  And the first of many such daily little farm adventures for Bethany and Brendan.

We are so delighted to have these two enthusiastic, friendly young people at Squash Blossom Farm this summer - full of energy and curiosity and eager to  dive in. Welcome!


basebell6 said...

that is sooooooooooooo cool you have interns!! i think i need some too so they can watch my baby while i get out in the garden and tend to my pumpkins; wouldnt trust the pumpkins to the interns!


j/kidding! enjoy and teach them all you know!!

Marie said...

so would that be the Gustavus I see out my window ??

Hansen Family said...

Wonderful that you are able to host folks that want to learn! I think I want to come and learn the wood-fired sourdough breadmaking too! It is just sooo hot here that I cannot talk my husband into an outdoor oven. One day ;).

Susan said...

Yes, Marie, that would be the same Gustavus. Good thing we lured them to our farm before you found them!
Brendan and Bethany are still working - out kneading dough with Rog. They worked so hard on their first day!

Becky said...

How wonderful to have interns for the summer! I'm sure their help is so valuable and they get to learn such wonderful skills from the two of you!
I'm glad the chick rescue went well. That poor momma hen must have been so upset!

katiegirl said...

Wow, what a good girl hatching out 16 babies!

And welcome, Interns! I can't wait to see what you all accomplish this summer!