Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Overdue Post-age

June is zipping by! We have been so busy with gardening, milking, Farmer's Market,  opening the farm store and everything else that there is scarcely time to blog.  This will be a brief post to catch up.

Brendan and Bethany, our summer interns, are indescribably wonderful. They dived in and finished planting the veggie garden, weeded and mulched, and now the garden is looking great.  They worked happily on the crazy hot, humid days (over 100 degrees!) and on the equally crazy 50 degree, windy, cold weather we had the next day. Brendan is off for a couple weeks on vacation with his family, but Bethany has pulled on her gardening gloves and redoubled her work, smiling.

Brendan and Bethany baked the 50 loaves of wood-fired bread on Friday afternoon before Brendan left for his travels, and Rog and Bethany took it to the Saturday morning market.
A couple hours later, they had sold all but one loaf --which disappeared soon after this photo.
I  stayed home to milk the cow, staff the farm store and prepare for our Grand Opening.  It was such a lovely day and  we had a steady of stream of people.
In the afternoon, the Nodding Wild Onions played music
to an appreciative audience.
Stephanie, one of the Onions,  showed off her innovative washboard-playing glove.
Julio plays percussion with the Onions.
Our friend Joe joined in the jam session with his mandolin.
Bethany gave impromptu tours of the garden.

Such a fun day - and in a couple days we can do it all again!

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Mama Pea said...

See if you can sign your two "interns" on for life. They seem like a couple of gems!