Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Becoming a Wolf

I just let Zinnie out to pee and when I looked out the window a minute later she was devouring a rabbit.  I am sure either Nutmeg or Cocoa was the hunter, but Zinnie was devouring it fiercely. Now she thinks she is a wolf.

I am not too sad about the demise of the rabbit, however. A rabbit (or maybe a flock of rabbits)  has consumed all of the greens in our high tunnel greenhouse, despite them being covered by row covers, right down to the ground. No more Mr. Nice Guy to rabbits!


Tami said...

Amen Sister! I'd like to live in a bunny free zone myself.

My dogs killed 3 last year. Did this scare them away? Nope. Freakin bunnies everywhere and they demolished my fall plantings so no winter carrots/lettuces for me. (sob)

Anonymous said...

Wow ! funny how fast our little pets can revert back to their natural tendancies . I'm not a fan of rabbits either, they chew on my fruit trees and eat my garden ! Nasty vermin ! I thank you for the fun blog you have.