Wednesday, January 2, 2013


When I went out to do chores this morning it was as if the day was just barely opening one sleepy eye. That's exactly  how I felt!  I haven't gotten much sleep lately and on a cold winter morning, staying huddled under the covers in that cozy nest you have created is so alluring. But no, animals are waiting to be fed and it would be rude to not get up and drink coffee with Rog before he goes to work.
Rog and i have spent many hours teh past fee days discussing our farm plans, budget,  home improvements ideas,  dreams, ambitions and resolutions. We have a lengthy list, several pages in a college-ruled spiral notebook, but I will winnow them down to a few key plans.

2013 Farm Goals:
  * Host a series of  classes on the farm, related to permaculture, sustainable living, homesteading skills, and artisan crafts.
  * Get the Aquaponics system running. Also the vermiculture bins.
  * Double the size of the veggie gardens and double the CSA membership.
  * Clean out the middle section of the barn and install a floor
  * New roofs on the granary (store) and chicken coop.
  * Complete the perennial  garden (At long last!!)
  * Build an herb spiral
  * Paint the house
  * Fencing improvements
  * Plant more fruit and nut trees
  * Set up a workshop and an art studio

My personal 2013 resolutions/goals:
  * Make art galore. As of today, I have already dived into this one by committing to the 30 -Paintings-in-30-days challenge. I also started a new blog devoted to my artmaking.
  * Get back into a yoga routine. Get more aerobic exercise (I get plenty of weight-bearing exercise as a farmer but need more stretching and elevated heart rate.)
  * Obedience training with Zinnia
  * Get better organized and get rid of stuff we no longer need. Simplify. Seriously.
  * Reserve more time to just relax with family and friends.
(I will let Rog share his own resolutions, if he wants to.)

I don't remember if I mentioned this before, but we had LaFonda pregnancy tested in November and she did not settle, and Jitterbug has not been bred yet, so we will not have any calves this spring. Sigh. No milking. No dealing with 3 gallons of milk a day. No darling calves frolicking across the pasture.
Additionally, Cadence wants to take over the veggie garden and CSA this summer. That will free up a lot of time for me to work on farm projects & events, and make art.  2013 promises to be a very productive, creative and fun year!


Michael J. Sandberg said...

Are you taking names for the CSA?

Susan said...

HI Michael, Cadence will be sending out details soon, probably the end of January. I will give her your name! Thank you for your inquiry.

katiegirl said...

That's a great list of goals! I think your farm classes sound great. Do you plan on having interns again? I see Cadence is doing the garden, so maybe that's up to her?

And I look forward to seeing all of your beautiful art!