Thursday, September 23, 2010


We have had  constant rain since yesterday afternoon.  This morning when I did the chores the depth in my washtub was 6 inches, and the rain was still falling steadily.

When I can't sleep I listen to the radio and all night; last night I was hearing warnings of flash flood. When we bought this farm 2 years ago we had been looking for a farm along a trout stream.  We had made an offer on a property  along the Zumbro River,  but someone made a sweeter offer first. Then we drove through a valley  near Whitewater State park and Rog said, "This is my dream spot. Let's hold out for  a place like this."

The very next week we had a 500-year flood and that valley was scoured clean. We changed our vision of our dream spot - and this farm on the hill sounded pretty good.  I am so grateful that we purchased our little farm on the hill.
My drive into town tonight to deliver CERTS materials and pick up Rog from work was full of very wet drama. Recently  harvested corn fields along our road were saturated, flooded.

When I got  to the intersection of Hwy 52, traffic was being diverted --the highway was closed from Rochester to the Twin Cities (85 miles), the radio announced.  What would have been a 2 minute drive to my turn south took 45 minutes.
The stream of cars exiting Highway 52 north (taken from inside my car in the drivers' seat.)
The ditch along 75th St NW is ordinarily dry.
Turning south on 18th Ave NW, toward town, there is a little bridge over a creek bed that ordinarily has only a trickle of water, at most. Not today!
The other side of the road.
The engorged Zumbro River by 14th St NW.
Spectators everywhere--this city has a history of devastating floods, and people are mesmerized by the prospect of flooding.
The Zumbro River by the Rochester Rowing Club. I stopped here because our daughters are former rowers and have spent many an hour on this stretch of the river.
Phil, the coach, still in his dress shirt and tie after work, was directing rowers in moving boats to higher ground, just in case the water rises further.
Flotsam and jetsam was whizzing down the powerful river. When a huge tree swept past, these two rowers rushed out onto the dock to nudge it away with a broken oar if it threatened to smash the dock -a gesture that caused my mom-heart to stop for a moment. Fortunately, it whirled past without touching the dock and then the coach sent everybody home.

Blessedly, other than soggy poultry and cows, Squash Blossom Farm is avoiding any flood problems. Rain is STILL falling. My heart goes out to the folks downstream who have their rain plus our rain to deal with tonight!


basebell6 said...

just by looking at the radar i could tell you guys were getting slammed. then i watched the weather channel and WOWOW. thinking of all of you in WI and MN.

Toodie said...

So glad you live on a hill...we do too! Your photos really tell the story. We had down pours tonight with no thunder or lightening, strong winds. Hope everyone is safe.

gz said...

Thinking of you/
The Equinox certainly is making itself felt over with you

katiegirl said...

Wow, that's a lot of water. I'm glad Squash Blossom is safe on the hill!