Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall Farm Festivities

Saturday was  a couple days past the equinox, but that's when we celebrated it.  After days of rain and flooding, the weather cleared just in time so we could party on the patio.  It was a clear, crisp evening.  We arranged for a spectacular moonrise during our potluck dinner, nearly full and glowing red.
There were lots of musicians among our guests--members of Blue Monk and  Nodding Wild Onions (two bands Rog plays in) and members of the songwriters group.  Various musicians  jammed all night in new combinations--here, Phil (Nodding Wild Onions) belts out a song with Paul (songwriters) drumming and Joe (Fiddlers and Company) on mandolin.
Sparks from the fire scribbled  lines in the photo.
I even sang in public!  The world premier of my cow-milking song, "LaFonda Let Your Milk Flow Down" was well received ( nobody threw tomatoes.)

Thanks to all our friends who joined us!

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katiegirl said...

That looks like such a fun night! Please, pretty please, record your song so we can hear it!