Monday, September 6, 2010

Many Hands, Light Work

For Labor Day, we invited a few friends over to labor.  Our goal was to  remove a couple of huge buckthorn trees in our prairie--beautiful but invasive trees that are covered with glossy black berries and drop bazillions of seeds every fall or spread them via birds  that feast on the berries.
Our tools of destruction included a weed wrench, swede saw, loppers. spade,  plus  chainsaw, gloves and mosquito repellant (not shown.)
Dave gets into it, climbing up into the tree to remove boughs that are hung up.
The cluster of stumps from one of the  buckthorns. The  heartwood is a beautiful red color--hope we can persuade a wood-turning friend to make us a set of salad bowls from it...
The dirty, sweaty buckthorn busters: Mary, Dan, Rog and Dave.
Big stump.
Only another 6 or 8 big buckthorn trees (and 6000 to 8000 little ones) to go.
Thanks to our great friends for their  hard work!

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katiegirl said...

Oh my!! Thank goodness for good friends! Good luck with your buckthorn battle!