Thursday, September 9, 2010

One Good Thing about Shorter Days

 The days are getting significantly shorter on both ends now, an unavoidable symptom of fall which makes me a bit melancholy. The one consolation is that sunrises happen later, so I am up in time to take photos and can subject my blog-readers to  lots of sentimental sunrise images.  Like, sunrise through the pampas grass.

The hungry, impatient turkeys follow me around as I shoot, like prehistoric paparazzi-asauruses.  I forgot school has now started, and I am sure the kids on the school bus passing by got a giggle out of the wild-haired woman in her purple bathrobe, red plaid lumberjack jacket and orange sandals taking pictures amid a herd of turkeys.

The turkeys paused to quench their thirst in the convenient turkey water dish.

The garden in early morning light.

The barn glows golden in the  sunrise.

Milkweed plants going to seed.
Even the obnoxious  burdock looks beautiful in the morning glow.
Pampas grass is now in its glory.


katiegirl said...

I love the pictures but I love your description of the turkeys even more!

Dene said...

Absolutely lovely - thanks for sharing... and I like the turkeys too! :)