Friday, September 24, 2010

Flood Damage Down the Road

When we  drove home last night a police officer  was stopping every car turning onto 75th Street to inquire where they were heading.   He told us we were fine getting to our house, but the road was closed at Douglas. This morning I decided to take my camera and check it out. At Genoa, 5 miles down the road, the usually placid little river was raging and had washed out the road.
I talked to the fellow who lives at the corner along the river.  He said last night the water came up suddenly and was lapping at his house. He believes his house was saved when the road washed out and the water dropped.
You can see the  high water line on the propane tank in his back yard--it was 2 feet  deeper at its peak.
His shed is flooded - but it does look rather picturesque.
The river normally flows on the other side of those pines. The yellow objects floating by the pampas grass are the spaghetti and butternut squashes in the garden.

The real flood devastation is in the small communities just to our north and northeast - where you can't even get right now: Pine Island, Oronoco, Zumbrota, Wanamingo.  There is  sobering video footage at  


Bangchik said...

Flood brings excess water and leaves behind damage. ~bangchik

Amy H., PTO Treasurer said...

I went through in the afternoon and could see that the road would probably be gone. :( I didn't get a photo - would you mind sending me a high res copy? Thank you,