Monday, September 6, 2010

Micro-greens Micro-entrepreneur

Friday I  harvested my first batch of microgreens for sale, both pea shoots (top photo) and sunflower shoots (bottom photo).  I have been  experimenting with growing peas and sunflowers as sprouts and shoots for  a couple of months now, and after many unsuccessful attempts,  I finally have a workable system.
There are still so many kinks to be worked out, though: Will they sell? At what price? Can I cover my costs and time at that price? How long can they be stored and stay fresh and crispy?  Can I grow them fast enough to meet demand if they take off?
The good thing about raising sprouts and micro-greens is that  if I grow too many, we love the healthy little greens in our sandwiches, salads  and soups, and if I end up with more than we can eat, the chickens, ducks and turkeys also love them.
The downside of raising  sprouts and micro-greens is that they need care  twice a day--they are as demanding as milking a dairy cow!


thyme2garden said...

Micro-greens, how fascinating! I hope they sell well for your farm. Any learned tricks that you'd be willing to share?

Anonymous said...

If you could write more about your growing set up and about where to find seeds in bulk (to keep costs down), that would be great!


Susan said...

I promise to write a more comprehensive post about growing micro-greens very soon!