Thursday, September 2, 2010

Inside, Looking Out

I have never counted them, But I am sure if you did count all the windows in the house and outbuildings, there are well over 50.  This afternoon I took a few shots of views through windows and doorways around the farm.
This the doorway from the stall side of the barn to the pasture. One of our Labor Day weekend projects will be to remove a huge branch that broke but is still hung up in the tree, creating an obstacle in the exit.

Looking through a chicken coop window.
Another view through coop.
Yet another chicken coop window view, with chicken.
The view through the openable windows we  recently installed in the granary.
The west window in the peak of the granary has a glimpse of the windmill.
Granary doorway, with Orange waiting for me to let him in.
In the house, the pastoral panorama from the dining room.
House entrance, turkey on top step. Can we come out and play?


Bangchik said...

Windows offer interesting escapes from the boundary of walls and ceilings. Always picturesque looking inside out... but 50 windows!! ~bangchik

Susan said...

Well, there is a house, a large barn and 5 small outbuildings --the chicken coop alone has 11 windows and the loafing shed has 8....