Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dripping Wet Mornings

We have had many heavy rains the past week, and it is warm and humid,  making for moist, misty mornings.
A couple nights ago it rained at least three inches, based on the depth of water in the big wheelbarow.  Not a smart place to have left garden tools.
I discovered a sprouting of mushrooms on the top inside of the  barn door!
Weeds are growing like crazy, and too wet to work in the gardens. Wish they would invent a scarecrow for weeds.
Water melon.
A swimming pool for bees in this squash blossom.
A katydid on this one.
Beautiful okra blossoms abound.
Jessica and Lynette watching the catfish eat breakfast. Don’t push Jessica in, Zinnie!
Hobo having a bad hair day.

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