Monday, August 18, 2014

Milking Lesson

First thing Sunday morning (before 7 a.m.!) Kristin and Lily arrived at the farm to learn to milk LaFonda. These two beauties are longtime friends of our daughter from high school rowing team days. Before they launched into chores and miking, they tied up their hair.
First we fed the chickens.  It’s part of the routine. When LaFonda sees me feeding the chickens she knows milking time is imminent and while I  take care of the poultry, she drinks water, lets Splotch drink his share of milk, and pees so she won’t have to do that in the milking parlor.
Everybody loves crazy Hobo.
I forgot to take photos during the actual milking session, but Kristin and Lily milked both by hand and using the bucket milker. LaFonda was totally calm and patient with them, and they were adept milkmaids.  After milking, they thanked LaFonda,  strained and chilled the milk, and cleaned and sanitized the equipment.
Afterward, we all relaxed on the patio, drinking cappuccino with fresh cream. Rog printed our instructions for making mozzarella and Kristin and Lily took home the morning’s milk for their next adventure, cheese-making. I can't wait to hear how it turned out!

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Janet said...

New to farm life, and ran across your blog from the EZ milker site. Do you still use it? WOndering if/why you changed. Our cow should calf and be ready to milk in about 6 weeks--eek! I have carpal tunnel syndrome and am trying to decide what product to buy for milking. Thanks for any feedback=)