Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Soggy, Foggy Morning

It has been a glorious summer for people, but the past week or so the garden has been wishing for some rain, and we finally got it, an earth-quenching downpour, yesterday. This morning dawned foggy, warm and dripping wet.
Raindrops on the asparagus.
Gourdita grinning beneath her hat.
My favorite flower, the squash blossom.
Lush garden and  granary.
Birdhouse gourd blossom.
Faux chicken (a gift from  Rhonda and Doug) on a fence post. With spiderweb.
Baby watermelon.
Fallen garden angel.
Unbearably cute garden shed in a fog.

1 comment:

cammorsenich said...

I still have dreams about the cream cheese filled squash blossoms!