Friday, August 8, 2014

Up and Down

What’s up:
Our first two wine cap mushrooms from our tiny mushroom bed by the garden shed!
What’s down:
Half of a 50-foot tall ash tree, one of a line of ash trees that were planted for each of the Braasch children, probably in the 1970s.  They were visiting this, their childhood home, last weekend for the barn's birthday and told me that. They were saddened when I told them the ash trees are probably all doomed to the emerald ash borer in the coming years.
You can’t see the crown of the fallen portion, which  fills the space between a large red maple and the granary. This is precisely where the cows spent the previous day relaxing in the shade, but we hadn’t yet moved them to the front yard for the day. Lynette was working a short distance away in the garden when she was startled by the sudden tremendous crash.  There wasn’t even any wind. It could sort of make you lose your trust of trees when one randomly crashes to the ground near you.

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