Saturday, August 23, 2014

In a Fog

Despite the sunflowers trying to brighten things up, we have thick fog again this morning.
The air is so heavy, you can’t believe that it can be so wet and not be raining (well, now it is raining.)  Your shoes get sopping squishy walking through the grass to the pasture.
Zinnie and Splotch inviting each other to play.
Now that Splotch is so much bigger and faster, Zinnie is a little more wary and keeps a bit of distance during their chases.
Still so much fun to watch them chase each other around the pasture.
Splotch is becoming  a handsome little steer.
His horns are beginning to grow - two hard little points.
The recent rains are sure welcome for the pasture.
Jitter managed to get a head full of burrs and will need some grooming, either by LaFonda or me.
While I milk LaFonda, Splotch shares his handful of grain with a hen.
Young silver laced wyandotte pullet.
Feeding the hungry catfish in the fish gazebo.
Twice a day when I feed the fish and check the aquaponics filters, I get a handful of yummy alpine strawberries.
Many more berries to come.
This morning, my first nasturtium was blooming in the aquaponics towers--adding welcome vibrancy to this gray day.

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gz said...

Fog can be eerie...makes you understand the Celts' fear of the sky falling in. Especially as millenia ago, communication was by water....

love the wyandotte..beautiful markings..and good eggs too!