Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fish Gazebo at Night

We have been working on the fish gazebo the past week, making it more than just a fishery for the aquaponics system. First, we installed a UV filter to clear up the algae  in the water.  You can’t see the bottom, yet, but it has made a significant improvement and the water should get even clearer with time. Next, we added solar-powered rope lights around the top of the gazebo, underwater lights below the dock, and tucked a few solar path lights in the growing bed. It is not quite as bright at night as it appears in this  long-exposure photo, but it is pretty  magical and inviting.
It is the perfect place to watch the moon rise and the fireflies flickering across the pasture. And especially cool when a big catfish silhouette glides across the light in the water.

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