Friday, August 1, 2014

End of an Era

My Grandma Waughtal’s bread mixing bowl met its demise today in the line of duty while baking for market.

I have been  using this bowl for almost 35 years, since around 1980, when my grandma moved to live with with my aunt and uncle in Oregon and my sister Rita moved into Grandma’s house for a year. She said I should have it because I was the one in the family who baked bread. I always thought it was one of Grandma’s wedding presents, but I don’t know if it was quite that old.

This was the bowl that Grandma always made her famous cinnamon roll dough in. We kids spent many an afternoon spent drinking milky tea and devouring hot cinnamon rolls while playing Scrabble with Grandma. She mixed her chocolate chip cookie dough in it (the last pan of cookies ALWAYS  burned on the bottom, but we assured her we liked them that way). This bowl has memories of  Dilly Bread, baked in coffee cans, associated with it, too. Both of my daughters requested to inherit the bowl.  I found the same bowl only in better shape on EBay and told them one would get the original and one would get another, more perfect, version. Now they will both get lovely copies.

Never fear, this noble bowl will continue in my life--it will go on to becoming art, in some as-yet-to-be-determined mosaic project. 

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Marcia said...

If it were me, I put it in the garden as garden art. have done that with plates, mugs, chairs, shovels, etc. Nothing is permanent. I hope you have some photographs of it in use. One with your grandmother would be really special.