Saturday, February 13, 2010

Another Frosty Morning

We have been having foggy days and nights lately. So much moisture in the air creates lovely hoarfrost. The field across the road beyond the mailbox is a wonderland- the dogs' favorite rabbit-chasing grounds.
Speaking of rabbits, this one has been hanging out around the chicken coop and on the patio, feasting on birdseed. He provides the dogs with hours of exercise every day.
I love weekends when Rog and can putz around the farm. As soon as we finished our morning coffee yesterday we took a little tromp through woods and prairie to enjoy the beautiful frost.

This sign is just a reminder for visitors to drive in slowly and watch out for oblivious dogs and chickens and geese. If cows are ever crossing here, that means they are loose and we have trouble.

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katiegirl said...

I LOVE the third pic from the bottom!