Saturday, February 20, 2010

Crestfallen Cardinal

Although we are enthusiastic backyard bird-watchers and can identify most of the types of birds that frequent our feeders, we aren't the kind of folks who can tell each individual bird apart. Except, that is, for one bird- a cardinal who began showing up a couple weeks ago. He is distinctive because he is bald, he has no crest.
Did he have a close call with the northern shrike that occasionally terrorizes our feeders? Is it a recessive gene? A nasty fight with another male cardinal? Will it grow back? You can't help but speculate.

I have pondered whether I should attempt to knit or sew him a little cone-shaped cap (they say you lose most of your body heat through your head.) But, so far, it hasn't seemed to affect him too negatively - he seems perky and adjusted. But every guy I have told about this cardinal has responded, "Oh man, how's he ever going to attract a mate?!"
I am so tickled to finally have a telephoto lens so I can take bird-feeder photos!


Linda said...

Wouldn't the red guy be cute in a knitted cap? He'd be the envy of all the guys and the girls would swoon over him.

Callie said...

These are great bird photos!
Yes, a cap would be too cute!