Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunrise, Sunset

Just playing around with a new lens. Sunrise this morning....

Sunset last night.


Cheri said...

I hope you are going to print and frame these!

What kind of camera and len(s) do you use?

Becky said...

Gorgeous pictures!!

Susan said...

Thanks, Becky - our sunrise vista makes it exciting to get up every morning.
Cheri, my camera is a Canon Rebel xti digital SLR, I love it because I am not technically inclined and it is a no-brainer to use. My new lens is a 55-250 telephoto. I usually like to get up very close to my subject and am learning a new way to use the camera.

Garry Garrison said...

wow ,those shots are beautiful.
but I have to say, i think only a tiny part of that beauty is due to the new lens . Your farm is picture perfect.
and Im green with envy even in this cold weather !!