Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dinner with Dear Ones

On Monday evening, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Prescott's with our dear friends Vera and Earl and daughter Cadence. The occasion was celebrating(celebrating?)Cadence's imminent departure to Mexico for 3 months to intern on a sustainable farm and Earl embarking on his imminent journey through a bone marrow transplant.

Earl's journey will be much longer and more grueling than Cadence's. Lucky for him, he has the finest doctors in the world working on him at Mayo Clinic and he has Vera, his fiercely devoted, savvy and detail-oriented patient-advocate wife. Not to mention his unsinkable spirit and the scores of friends eager to help however we can.

Our hearts are going to be a bit knotted up until these adventures are complete and they both arrive home, healthy and safe.


Linda said...

It's always fun to catch up with friends.

I had to move my blog to a new address. I hope you will follow me there.

Dan said...

Good luck to both!

katiegirl said...

Good luck to Earl and Vera!!! And good luck as well to Cadence! I hope she has fun and learns a bunch!

Becky said...

Best wishes to all!

Marie said...

best wishes...those Mayo Docs (and medical staff) are wonderful, they'll have great care!