Thursday, February 18, 2010

An Extravagance of Egg Cartons

With longer days, our hens are starting to lay eggs much more frequently - we are getting 9 to 12 eggs a day from our 20 hens. That is more than we can keep up with, especially since we haven't been baking for the Farmer Market this winter. We have been making yummy, rich puddings, making deviled eggs for potlucks, and gifting neighbors and friends with farm-fresh eggs in an effort to keep up.

Every dozen eggs requires on egg carton, and we totally ran out. So, I put a plea on Facebook. My FB friends came to the rescue to the tune of 76 egg cartons! That ought to last us through May. Thanks, everybody!


Linda said...

Amazing! It is a small world, and a generous one in your neck of the woods.

Linda said...

I'd like to know the state where your farm is located. There's a gadget box with a red X in it that perhaps was once your "About Me" gadget. I just like to know the states of the blogs I read. Perhaps I overlooked it.

Dan said...

I have not had deviled eggs in ages... I think I need to make some! Congrats on all the egg production.

Susan said...

Hi Linda,
Nope, that red "x" used to be the Blotanical link, which does not seem to be working currently. I don't know what happened to the "About" box either, and can't find it. In any case, our farmlet is near Rochester(home of of Mayo Clinic) in southeast Minnesota.