Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rowdy Rueben

This Saturday morning Rog wanted to working on the granary, which meant starting a fire in the wood stove to warm up the granary, which meant hauling wood. We have some nice dry wood stacked in the corner of the loafing shed since last year.
The cows were in the granary eating breakfast. Reuben was especially curious about the wheelbarrow entering his space. Almost as fast as Rog loaded small pieces of wood into the wheelbarrow, Reuben pulled them out and swung them around, bonking Lasso in the head.
Then he got into one of his bucking bronco moods. This is why I always enter the loafing shed armed with a manure fork!


Callie said...

Wow! It looks to be very dangerous around those guys. Be careful!

Marie said...

Oooh ... you may need to remind him -- you like hamburger and steak !!! All part of growing up.