Monday, February 1, 2010

Midwinter Night

Tonight it is snowing, but last night when I went out to take out the garbage and close all the barn doors it was a clear, crisp night.
The Wolf Moon was barely past full. The trees glow warmly by the yard light.
The air smells indescribably clean and delicious on a cold winter night.


Linda said...

Such a good feeling looking at those pictures. Like all was well with the world.

nancybond said...

The air has many delicious smells from season to season, but none better than that of a clear winter night. Lovely shots of your yard.

Callie said...

Great Photos! I love your windmill! I loved listening to the old wooden one we had when I was little.

katiegirl said...

I always loved how the air smells before and after snow. And I love the quiet. You can walk out in the woods and everything is so still.